About Us



Founded by web developers who could not stand how people were being overcharged, our core focus is to deliver the highest quality of service at the lowest possible price. Today, an internet presence has become a necessity and we believe no one should pay a fortune to have an online presence, which is why our website packages are financially cheap but still have the same value as the overpriced ones.


We only host a limited number of websites on our servers for mainly two reasons: 

  1. To Offer Our Customers a uniquely tailored personal experience.
  2. To Make Sure Our Web Hosting Servers never  operate at full capacity which in turn boosts server performance and efficeincy.



All our packages, -Web Hosting, Web Design etc come with a lot of great features to help you build and maintain your online web presence.


Our priority is to ensure you get a high qaulity website and webhosting package that suits your needs at an affordable price. Coupled with our 99% uptime guarantee, our service is EXACTLY what most people are looking for in the UK and beyond.


Already got your domains elsewhere? That's no problem, our support team can give you all the information you need to move them over to us usually at no extra cost. We also provide very affordable domain name registration services.